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Fingers In Ears

September 3, 2013

With her digits firmly planted in her ears Joanne Nova pretends that AGW is not happening. The science says otherwise. Perhaps Jo is too busy with Tony “It’s crap” Abbott’s political campaign to write about the science, or perhaps it’s just because these climate science papers don’t agree with her preconceived, politically motivated, scientifically-unsupported, blogger opinion? Here’s a small sample of recent peer-reviewed science Joanne wants to wish away.

update: Nova has commented on this list saying “I can rebut most just from their headlines.” … but of course she doesn’t go any further than that and instead yet another person gets “moderated” when the topic becomes too much for Nova. Joanne repetitively points to her “Evidence”, a page which we’ve covered in detail .


Nova Smuggles a Budgie

February 23, 2012

Most of Nova’s posts are of a political nature, occasionally “backed” by some debunked science or cherry picked data.

In her latest post Nova says “Abbott came from nowhere”, her fondness of opposition leader Tony Abbott reminded me of this picture.

Just to be clear, this is a fake.