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Joanne Nova Reads Science?

June 3, 2013

Joanne Nova seems to be a regular reader of Science Daily, and can Copy and Paste their entire article to create her own one.

Her recent post on CO2 and plants is a direct copy of Science Daily’s article.

Whilst the knowledge that observations are closing matching models, I suspect Nova wants you to ignore that message and instead jump to the conclusion that “More CO2 is good”.

Sadly, that isn’t the conclusion of the authors, they wanted to isolate the effect that CO2 is having.


CO2 – It’s not only Plant Food

January 2, 2012

In Nova’s handbook, she tells her readers that CO2 is plant food. Such a simplistic view of plant growth has been answered so many times during “skeptical” debate that I can only infer  Nova is purposely trying to mislead her readers by reusing this old debunked argument once more.

As usual, Nova cherry picks out one small section of science and ignores everything else.