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Nova vs Nova vs Nova

February 27, 2012

The IPCC reports present science that shows the climate is warming and that amongst the numerous forces that affect climate, man-made greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have been a major contributor in recent times.

By contrast, Joanne Nova offers confusion. In her “merchant of doubt” role, she has no qualm about presenting contradicting theories. Her posts blame anything but CO2 for the warming.

On topics of warming, feedbacks & attribution, Nova flips back and forth. Sometimes Nova agrees that it is warming, other times she casts doubt on the thermometer record, occasionally declaring the warming has stopped. Most times Nova disputes the water vapor feedback mechanism, sometimes she unwittingly supports science that says it accounts for half of the observed warming.

On occasions when Nova does conceded that it’s warming, she flip the blame back and forth between the popular, already debunked myths of solar, natural cycles, oceans and cosmic rays. It’s difficult to have any confidence in Nova when she changes her mind on such a regular basis.

Nova’s “science” posts discussing whether or not it’s warming and the cause, are summarised below.


Short vs Long – Nova’s confused again

January 13, 2012

Children understand that even though we have day followed by night etc., this is NOT the same as having permanent day or permanent night. A short term and large fluctuation in the amount of sunlight reaching the planet does NOT mean we could live in conditions that were permanently dark or permanently light. This analogy is the fundamental flaw behind Nova’s latest post on Ocean Acidification.


CO2 – It’s not only Plant Food

January 2, 2012

In Nova’s handbook, she tells her readers that CO2 is plant food. Such a simplistic view of plant growth has been answered so many times during “skeptical” debate that I can only infer  Nova is purposely trying to mislead her readers by reusing this old debunked argument once more.

As usual, Nova cherry picks out one small section of science and ignores everything else.