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Oh, that Heatwave? It could be Aliens!

January 28, 2013

Nova repeats her strawman argument that the recent heatwave is not a sign of global warming.

Climate Scientists go to pains these days to explain that you cannot attribute one weather extreme on global warming, but you will see a higher number of heatwaves as the background climate becomes hotter.

In Australia, we are now breaking hot records three times more often than cold records. It’s simply more likely for heatwave, such as the January one to occur.

Nova doesn’t get math, so instead rambles out 8 “Nova reasons” why the recent heatwave is not because of global warming.


Alice – It’s unusual

January 18, 2013

Joanne Nova tries to reinforce her idea that the 2013 heatwave is nothing special … by listing just one station’s data (huh?) and by not showing 2013 in her graph. Here’s how the graph would appear with the first 17 days of this year included.


Alice Spring Average Max January temps including the first 17 days of this year.

Nothing special – aside from it being the highest average maximum temp (so far). Whilst this picture will change with future data, it’s not possible, from the data, to suggest that the current January heatwave is not unusual. This is not the only problem with Nova’s argument.


What Heatwave?

January 15, 2013

Australia recently endured it’s warmest day ever and a heatwave that covered the country. The BOM released a statement with some basic statistics.

For September to December (i.e. the last four months of 2012) the average Australian maximum temperature was the highest on record with a national anomaly of +1.61 °C, slightly ahead of the previous record of 1.60 °C set in 2002 (national records go back to 1910).

Australia set a new record for the highest national area-average temperature, recording 40.33 °C and surpassing the previous record set on 21 December 1972 (40.17 °C). To date (data up to the 8 January 2013) the national area-average for each of the first 8 days of 2013 have been in the top 20 hottest days on record, with 8 January the third hottest on record and the first time 7 consecutive days over 39 °C has ever been recorded for Australia.

Australian National Record

Australian National Record. Any number of days around this period show a similar wide coverage of very hot temperatures.

Joanne Nova responds by saying there’s nothing special going on. That’s climate denial for you.


Australia Adjusts – slightly

November 17, 2012

Nova and her friend Ken Stewart claim Australia’s homogenised data is adjusted to increase the warming by 70%!!! Ken’s major mistake is to ignore the difference in temperature when a site is relocated, or when multiple sites are combined into longer record.

Ken Stewart says… “Worst of all is Wangaratta”, let’s look.


Shoddy, inaccurate, unreliable. Nova’s analysis of BOM temperatures

March 16, 2012

Once again flip-flopping between “it’s warming” and “it’s not warming” Nova reposts the “analysis” of another blogger in an attempt to discredit temperature records.

We already know from multiple lines of evidence that the planet is warming, so Nova’s post is yet another “Merchant of Doubt” attempt.

Where did they go wrong this time?