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The Warming is Obvious and so is Joanne’s Denial

May 10, 2014

Update 3: Two more years down the track – time to recallibrate again!


Update 2: One more year down and still the warming continues.


Ocean Heat Content Updated to March 2016

Update: One year down and they had to recalibrate the graph to fit in all the warming that Joanne says is not happening.

Ocean Heat Content Updated to March 2015

Ocean Heat Content Updated to March 2015


Some will have noticed that I have not been posting much lately; why? Well after 80 posts I figure if someone can’t understand how poor Joanne Nova’s “science” is by now, I doubt they ever will.

98% of publishing climate scientists tell us it’s happening, we’re to blame, and the impacts will be serious. Hundreds of scientists from dozens of countries agree that action on reducing emissions is imperative if we are to be serious about reducing the impacts from climate change. If someone wishes to ignore that advice and go with Joanne Nova, blogger and repeater of climate myths, then no amount of reasoning will change for their mind is not open to discussion. So instead of blogging I am now actively speaking out to friends and colleagues and that’s been a very positive experience.

The warming continues and the impacts are already felt clearly around the world. Ocean Heat Content, where 90% of heat is accumulating continues to climb. Here’s the latest update from a few days ago …

Ocean Heat content to 2000m

Ocean Heat Content to 2000m (source) (data)


Joanne Nova is in denial. She claims that the figures are not correct, but instead of proving this through scientific method, through the rigorous process of publishing her “evidence and method” in an established scientific journal, and have it peer-reviewed by experts in the field, Joanne instead relies on blogging. If you’re one of those people stupid enough to believe anything you read on an internet blog, then nothing I can say will change your mind.

Repetitive Watery Excuses

October 1, 2013

If history tells us anything it says that Joanne Nova fails to learn. Her latest attempt to discredit the science is a simple repeat of her past mistakes, only use ocean data to 700 meters, not 2,000 meters, cherry pick your start date and fail to understand how thousands of measurements reduces uncertainty. Let’s examine once again. (more…)

Fingers In Ears

September 3, 2013

With her digits firmly planted in her ears Joanne Nova pretends that AGW is not happening. The science says otherwise. Perhaps Jo is too busy with Tony “It’s crap” Abbott’s political campaign to write about the science, or perhaps it’s just because these climate science papers don’t agree with her preconceived, politically motivated, scientifically-unsupported, blogger opinion? Here’s a small sample of recent peer-reviewed science Joanne wants to wish away.

update: Nova has commented on this list saying “I can rebut most just from their headlines.” … but of course she doesn’t go any further than that and instead yet another person gets “moderated” when the topic becomes too much for Nova. Joanne repetitively points to her “Evidence”, a page which we’ve covered in detail .


Argo Update – David Evans needs new Specs

May 29, 2013

Since our previous post Joanne Nova & David Evans have updated her graphs to include the last six months of data, however they still have more work to do in order to be less deceptive. Jo/David plot the data to 2,000 meters in an odd way by only plotting the 700m-2,000m amount rather than the 0-2,000m amount. They also claim to be ignorant (and I agree) of any model forecast for the ocean down to 2,000 meters. If only they had read just a few more sentences of the paper they cite …


Argo We Go Again

May 24, 2013

I honestly don’t know how Nova can keep a straight face and produce the graphs she does. Once again Joanne Nova posts another example of deceptive graph making.

Not only does she ignore the ocean below 700m meters (because it shows warming), she also chops off the ends to make the graph appear flatter. Firstly, using the same source of information, NODC, let’s take a look at ocean warming from 0 to 2,000 meters.

OHC 2000m

Ocean Heat Content to 2,000 meters. This is the data that Nova doesn’t want to know about. Source:

700 meters – Plus or Minus a Few Months or Years

The Argo flotilla began deployment in 2001. Nova’s first graph posted in 2011 shows data from the start of 2003. Since 2011 the long term warming trend has continued, so Nova now starts the graph midway through 2003 and ends the graph half a year early! That’s right; Nova chops 6 months off the end of the graph. Here’s the full picture …

OHC 700m

Ocean Heat Content to 700m. Source:

Nova’s Ocean of Doubt

May 21, 2013

Rather than producing a scientifically supported theory, Joanne Nova raises more “Merchant of Doubt” material based upon a bunch of blogger posts at WUWT and Bob Tisdale (famous for producing Excel graphs supposedly proving everyone wrong, but he won’t/can’t publish because there’s a conspiracy to stop “real science”).

We’ve covered much of what she mentions before, but let’s cover a few new items.


Sea Level Rise – A global conspiracy unfolds – or not

December 11, 2012

Science should be unbiased and supported by the evidence alone, devoid of all politics. The source of Nils-Axel Mörner’s latest self-published “paper” is the “Centre for Democracy and Independence“. The aim is clear; a politically motived piece attempting to discredit sea level rise.

For sea level NOT to be rising would require that the ocean is NOT warming, that glaciers are NOT melting, that subsequent data from Jason1 & Jason2 satellites are also being tampered with, gravity data from Grace is also being modified, along with hundreds of tidal gauges all in a concerted effort to fool people. This is either a conspiracy bigger than anythig this planet has seen before, or it’s complete utter bullshit.


Global Warming Disproved – Has Nova Flipped?

October 3, 2012

Sure Joanne Nova has been under a bit of stress lately, with her website coming under “attack”, (presumably from the feds), but one must wonder what mindset her head is in to declare that she has Disproved Global Warming.

She claims …

The single most important fact, dominating everything else, is that the ocean heat content has barely increased since 2003 (and quite possibly decreased) counter to the simulations.

Yet the latest data from the 3,000+ buoys that form the Argo flotilla provide data to the contrary.


So where does Nova get her concept that the Ocean may have slightly cooled since 2003? Well to obtain a cooling result, first you have to discard any data below 700 meters (Argo data goes to 2,000 meters), then you have to ignore recent years, and then you have to tilt your head to one side and close one of your politically-biased eyes.

Healthy Debate vs Paranoid Denialism

April 26, 2012

On the ABC tonight, Joanne Nova and her husband David Evans appeared on a program, I Can Change Your Mind About Climate, to put forward their argument, that supposedly the planet has not warmed, despite multiple lines of evidence that show it is.

We glimpsed a little of what drives Nova’s political blog, paranoia of all things government-like. Afraid that the ABC would edit and twist her words, Joanne hired her own cameraman to record the interview. Hmmm. Oh well, let’s skip that for now and discuss their “arguments”.

Luckily it won’t take long because we’ve been over them previously.


The Nova Travesty – Cherry Picker Ahoy!!

December 3, 2011

Joanne “I never cherry pick” Nova takes to the oceans in her quest to yet again cherry pick only the science that supports her political opinion.

This time she blatantly throws out science that has warming in it … because, er, it has warming in it.