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Coral Picking

October 5, 2012

This time Nova goes Coral picking, selecting one species of coral and ignoring the rest of the ecosystem.

Insensitive to the recent news that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has lost 50% of its coral (not from global warming but other stresses), Nova would like you to believe that our oceans will be safe from the threat of Ocean Acidification because one species of cold water coral shows signs of Acclimation.


Nova’s Warm Period

September 3, 2012

The Medieval Warm Period (MWP) is defined the time as between AD 950 to 1250 where evidence shows that some parts of the planet were warmer than average.

Nova claims that her friends at the denialist, Exxon funded website CO2Science have demonstrated that the MWP was globally warmer in the past, without CO2.

  • Firstly, SO WHAT? We know it was certainly warmer sometime in the past. What matters today is that we are causing it, at a very rapid rate and the science says we are going to heat up well beyond what the MWP might have been.
  • Secondly, if were warmer n the MWP than today, then this is evidence for a high sensitivity value, something climate denialists don’t want.
  • Thirdly, CO2Science don’t perform science, they draw their own conclusions from other peoples science. The Co2Science analysis is not peer-reviewed, contains some serious flaws and it would appear they deliberately aim to deceive their readers.