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What’s One Bob Worth?

February 16, 2012

About $1,667 per month according to the budget of the Heartland Institute, an anti-climate science organisation willing to fund non-climate scientists to speak as if with authority on the topic of climate change. As exposed on the desmog blog there’s quite a few million up for grabs with most of it coming from organisations with a vested interest in preventing action on climate change, or by “anonymous” donors.

Joanne Nova’s up in arms claiming the documents were stolen, though Heartland have admitted they simply and stupidly emailed them to the wrong person.

Nova makes a comparison between the budget of Heartland and the budgets of many international institutions, suggesting that Heartland’s campaign is more successful. In terms of spreading misinformation, they are much perhaps much more successful, but that’s not something to be proud of.  When it comes to producing climate science, they fail completely.

Don’t judge Bob Carter by the $1,667 per month he gets, judge him from the crap “science” he promotes. Then question his motives and integrity!

Don’t judge Craig Idso from the $11,600 per month he receives, judge him by the poor “science” and by his deliberate attempt to mislead readers. Then question his motives and integrity!

Look at ALL the evidence (don’t cherry pick) then judge the people of the Heartland Institute for their actions.

Bob Carter – same old stuff

July 4, 2011

There’s one thing worse than “an old geologist making incorrect statements about AGW” and that is “an old geologist making incorrect statements about AGW after having been repeatedly made aware of the flaws in his arguments”. Either Bob Carter is a crap scientist, or he is deliberately being misleading.

Not surprising Nova swallows and promotes his errors in usual unskeptical fashion.