Having been the target of much abuse at Nova’s forum and even a threat of physical violence from Eddy Aruda, I will refrain from putting any of my personal details here and instead simply focus on the arguments. Having been banned from Nova’s site for being a “nuisance” (that’s what they call it when you persistantly pursue the truth and ask a climate denialist to examine ALL data), I decided to help others understand the flaws in “Nova Science” and debunk as many of her science-related articles as possible.

I do not get paid by the government nor do I work for any green-related industry nor do I have a PayPal link.

My motivation for writing stems from participating at Joanne Nova’s forums and seeing how she purposefully misleads her readers. Nova blatantly distorts the truth, fails to present the full scientific picture and misleads her readers in order to push her political viewpoint.

This behaviour I find deplorable; hence I am motivated to expose her poor science for all to see.

13 Responses to “About”

  1. Anna Haynes Says:

    > I prefer focussing on the argument rather personal insults, I wish others would do likewise.

    “Nova’s science goes from bad to “oh shit I can’t believe she’s really that stupid!!”.”


    [ed: I suggest you read the rest of the post.]

  2. Blacky Says:

    Jimmy mate, don’t lose sleep over cranks at joannanova.com.au

    Joanne’s just in it to make quick buck out of her friends. It’s a free country.

    They’re just 20th century thinking old men who can’t fathom the maxim “pay the ball and not the man”.

    • Blacky Says:

      Just wanted to add if you haven’t got a twitter account, get one. Most climate news (for and against) is promoted via twitter. Thanks for correcting Jo “baffle with bullshit” Codlings posts. (delete this if you want)

  3. john byatt Says:

    Please email me as i would like your opinion on a reply to Nova,
    google john byatt is a complete bastard to verify that we are on the same page


  4. Jeremy Poindexter Says:

    Another refuge for the disgruntled from the robust attentions of Eddy Aruda. Thankfully the Climate isn’t so sensitive.

  5. Watching the Deniers Says:

    Good blog – you’re made of hardy stuff to try and wade into the Nova forums! If you’re happy, I’d like to link to more of your stories.

  6. Peter Martin (my real name, whats yours?) Says:

    So Joanne freely displays who she is, what her expertise and qualifictions are and offers an open forum with the ability to contact her directly. You on the other hand prefer to remain anaonymous, or perhaps “mysterious”. Hardly the actions of someone confident in their position.

  7. Michael S Says:

    I just posted at Nova’s site, but when I started linking to skeptical science she started putting all my posts into moderation. I suspect that’s the only way she “wins” an argument.

  8. Mike Koefman Says:

    Just come across your splendid work, via RealClimate.org. Your evisceration of Nova’s ocean acidification falsehoods especially appreciated. Thank you! I look forward to further entries. Mike, Planet Hydrogen, Manchester, UK.

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