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The Warming is Obvious and so is Joanne’s Denial

May 10, 2014

Update 3: Two more years down the track – time to recallibrate again!


Update 2: One more year down and still the warming continues.


Ocean Heat Content Updated to March 2016

Update: One year down and they had to recalibrate the graph to fit in all the warming that Joanne says is not happening.

Ocean Heat Content Updated to March 2015

Ocean Heat Content Updated to March 2015


Some will have noticed that I have not been posting much lately; why? Well after 80 posts I figure if someone can’t understand how poor Joanne Nova’s “science” is by now, I doubt they ever will.

98% of publishing climate scientists tell us it’s happening, we’re to blame, and the impacts will be serious. Hundreds of scientists from dozens of countries agree that action on reducing emissions is imperative if we are to be serious about reducing the impacts from climate change. If someone wishes to ignore that advice and go with Joanne Nova, blogger and repeater of climate myths, then no amount of reasoning will change for their mind is not open to discussion. So instead of blogging I am now actively speaking out to friends and colleagues and that’s been a very positive experience.

The warming continues and the impacts are already felt clearly around the world. Ocean Heat Content, where 90% of heat is accumulating continues to climb. Here’s the latest update from a few days ago …

Ocean Heat content to 2000m

Ocean Heat Content to 2000m (source) (data)


Joanne Nova is in denial. She claims that the figures are not correct, but instead of proving this through scientific method, through the rigorous process of publishing her “evidence and method” in an established scientific journal, and have it peer-reviewed by experts in the field, Joanne instead relies on blogging. If you’re one of those people stupid enough to believe anything you read on an internet blog, then nothing I can say will change your mind.