It’s Water!

Joanne Nova continues her path of contradiction. Having claimed that it’s cooling, not warming, warming but it’s natural, the oceans, subterranean ocean vents, now she is claiming that atmospheric water vapour is the culprit.

Great! We can relax and ignore the several thousand previous papers confirming that CO2 traps heats, Nova has found the evidence and it’s published in a well-established science journal … or not.

Oops. Nope. It’s “published” in the Washington Times alongside ads for “#1 WORST Thing To Do When Eating CARBS” and “Going… Going… Gone! iPads for Under $40”.

In reality, the whole article is an advert for Steve Goreham’s new book. No calculation of the impact of water vapour vs that of man-made greenhouse gases increases, no calculation of aerosol impact, no calculation of land-use impact, just the basic assumption that because water vapour has some impact, it must therefore be doing everything!

Studies that do these types of calculations (see attribution) disagree with the internet-based newspaper advertisement for Steve’s book.

But if you’re after exactly where Steve goes wrong, it’s in his assumption that CO2 does nothing and water vapour does everything.

The amount of water contained in the atmosphere is directly related to the temperature of the atmosphere; increase the temp by one degree and you can add around 7% more water vapour. This is commonly known as a feedback effect, CO2 performs the initial warming which then gets amplified by the additional water vapour.

Water vapour plays an important part, but if you were to add more of it without increasing the temperature, then it condenses and falls out of the sky. That’s called rain Nova. The same thing does not happen with CO2. Perhaps they didn’t read the leaked IPCC report otherwise they would already know this.

In true denialist form Nova blindly copy/pastes the already debunked ‘Co2 lags Temp’ in past events myth. What more would you expect from a blogger?

It is true that heating the atmosphere (which CO2 does) will result in more water vapour (and that has been observed). And this also leads to higher energy in storms and greater snow and rainfall which has also been observed.


One Response to “It’s Water!”

  1. WheresWallace Says:

    The forcing of water vapour is listed in the IPCC draft report.

    (as listed in their post )

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