The Ground and Atmosphere are Different

The Ground and Atmosphere are Different.

This seems like a fairly obvious statement, but for Joanne Nova it appears difficult for her to grasp. Earlier this year Australia recorded it’s hottest Summer, this has now been followed by our warmest Winter and hottest consecutive 12 months. Nova is furious!

Her latest post is almost a duplicate of her earlier mistake, that the UAH Satellite temperature record does not represent surface temperatures and therefore will give different results.

I wonder why this comes as a surprise to her since it has been pointed out to Joanne that the UAH Satellite data represents the atmosphere from the Surface to an altitude of about 8 kms. The BOM records are taken at ground level and do not represent the lower atmosphere to 8 kilometres. The two different temperature sets will give different results, hence when the BOM announce a new record has been set, they are referring to the temperature on the ground, which is more likely to be of relevance to the general public.


Nova says …

Again, for the millionth time, even if it is the hottest for a century, it doesn’t mean anything about the cause. To state the bleeding obvious: all causes of warming cause warming.

What causes the warming? It’s a great question and one that has been addressed on many occasions, just not by Joanne – she’s far too busy blogging to do any real research.

Eight different studies have looked at this issue (Nine if you include this latest one) and all of them have found that mankind is responsible for the current warming and that our greenhouse gases are to blame for most of the warming.

Perhaps if Nova stopped repeating things a million times, she would have time to learn what the science actually says.

If Datasets were Switched?

Imagine Joanne’s reaction if the BOM used the atmospheric temps instead of surface temps. In 2010 the BOM would have said it was the hottest year on record (in the lower atmosphere) and Joanne would rightly cry “But people don’t live in the lower atmosphere, they live on the ground”.

Good point Jo!

The Trend

In Australia, BOM Surface records show the past 12 months were the hottest ever, and UAH data shows the lower troposphere was 3rd hottest, with the record set in 2010.

Year to year variability exist, but both datasets show a long term continued trend of increasing temps.

UAH Australia - Lower Troposphere

UAH Australia – Lower Troposphere


One Response to “The Ground and Atmosphere are Different”

  1. WheresWallace Says:

    September ended up being Australia’s hottest on record, both in BOM land temperatures AND in the UAH dataset ( ).

    Nova didn’t post about this fact.

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