Argo We Go Again

I honestly don’t know how Nova can keep a straight face and produce the graphs she does. Once again Joanne Nova posts another example of deceptive graph making.

Not only does she ignore the ocean below 700m meters (because it shows warming), she also chops off the ends to make the graph appear flatter. Firstly, using the same source of information, NODC, let’s take a look at ocean warming from 0 to 2,000 meters.

OHC 2000m

Ocean Heat Content to 2,000 meters. This is the data that Nova doesn’t want to know about. Source:

700 meters – Plus or Minus a Few Months or Years

The Argo flotilla began deployment in 2001. Nova’s first graph posted in 2011 shows data from the start of 2003. Since 2011 the long term warming trend has continued, so Nova now starts the graph midway through 2003 and ends the graph half a year early! That’s right; Nova chops 6 months off the end of the graph. Here’s the full picture …

OHC 700m

Ocean Heat Content to 700m. Source:


6 Responses to “Argo We Go Again”

  1. james72013 Says:

    That is because the Argo system only goes 700 meters down idiot! What do you expect her to do? Go down in the Nautile with a thermometer every week?

  2. itsnotnova Says:

    From the makers …

    What is Argo?

    Argo is a global array of 3,000 free-drifting profiling floats that measures the temperature and salinity of the upper 2000 m of the ocean.

  3. Nice One Says:

    Joanne Nova flat out lies here sas she says david uses the latest data :

    Since his/her graphs are missing the last 6 months of data it’s obvious that they are not using the latest data.

    I’ve posted in her forums about this, but rather than correct her graphs she deletes my comments. Shameful denialist behaviour.

  4. Nice One Says:

    Update: She has now updated the graphs and added the last 6 months of data. Even given a “hattip” to me – though she continues to hide my posts.

    She still cherry picks her own start date for Argo data.

  5. Nice One Says:

    Tamino had a great post on why Nova’s graph comparing OHC 700 to models is deceptive.

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