Science vs Joanne Nova

The posts of Joanne Nova that have been rebutted are tracked here on this page, but thought it might be a good time to reflect. I believe I’ve covered all major pieces of science in Nova’s archives but if there’s anything else you like rebutted (of scientific nature) please reply and I’ll endeavour to explore her “science”. The posts I have so far covered are listed below …

Sep 2008, Releases her handbook – and prematurely announces that there’s no more warming ( wrong ) and that CO2 is only plant food ( wrong ).

Oct 2008 – The missing hotspotor missing logic?

Jan 2009 – Reply to DeltoidRepeat past errors.

Jan 2009 – Even gurus of warmingNova repeat errors again.

Apr 2009, Akasofu Wave Theory – Nova now says it’s warming, says it oscillates, but can’t find a physical cause.

Dec 2009, Fraudulent Hockey Sticks, or flawed CO2Science, a fraudulent Loehle graph and misinterpreted Huang.

Feb 2010, CO2 can’t have much warming effect but cherry picks a flawed low climate sensitivity paper.

Feb 2010, 65 million years of temperature swingsshows how vulnerable life is

Apr 2010, No, Dr Glikson, Yes Jo Nova.

Jun 2010, How John Cook points out Nova’s repeated errors.

Jul 2010, Sherwood 2008found the hotspot.

Jul 2010, The Unskeptical Guidefound the hotspot.

Aug 2010, It’s everything except CO2 – and failed to spot the numerous contradictions.

Aug 2010, The models are wrong – the average of all models is wrong.

Sep 2010, The Temperature is Adjusted by 70% – but they failed to account for site change.

Nov 2010, DesslerNova gets Spurious.

Nov 2010 – ThorneFound non fundamental disagreement between models and observations.

March 2011, David Evans, ROCKET SCIENTIST!Or just an old guy repeating old myths.

May 2011, Bob Carter speaks – but not very well.

Jul 2011, Australian sea levels slowor do they?

Nov 2011, Cite’s the Schmittner paper as evidence for low climate sensitivity – then disagree’s with herself once I remind her of her previous words.

Oct 2011, This is 90% certainty – the hotspot is mentioned, Nova didn’t notice.

Dec 2011, Says the oceans are missing heat – but cherry picks once more.

Jan 2012, It’s the PDO. – but is fooled by their own equation.

Mar 2012, Suggests temperature records are shoddy, inaccurate, unreliable – but failed basics statistics.

Apr 2012, Likes Idso’s low climate sensitivity but didn’t realise we’ve already exceeded that.

Apr 2012, Praises Lindzen & Choi – but is ignorant of their mistakes.

Apr 2012, Compares 30 years of temperature riseforgot about equilibrium, other forcings and got the math wrong.

Apr 2012, Praises Spencerbut is still ignorant.

Apr 2012, Fingerprint or Signature?Both but not Unique.

May 2012, Models get the core assumptionsbut it’s not an assumption.

Jun 2012, Says the BOM get’s it all wrong – but Nova repeats an earlier mistake.

Jul 2012, The big news is out, WUWTfailed to deliver.

Sep 2012, The Models aren’t 100% correct – and we don’t ever expect themto be.

Sep 2012, Raises Alarm on Antarctic Iceat a time when Arctic is at 50% levels.

Oct 2012, declares Warming has been Disproved, so long as you ignore the evidence.

Oct 2012, Says One croal adapts and ignores the rest.

Oct 2012, Can’t understand Antarctic Melt – even though it seemed well explained.

Nov 2012, Gets Jealous about NewBy – and produced the usual myths.

Dec 2012, Examines Fasullo and Trenberth – and fails.

Dec 2012, Says sea levels are NOT rising – but forgot about the evidence.

Jan 2013, 2 Million Years AgoThings were very different.

Jan 2013, What HeatwaveThis one.

Jan 2013, Alice is not unusualIt’s not Australia either.

Jan 2013, 8 reasons a Heatwave is not Global WarmingNo, it’s not aliens.

Feb 2013, Yet another paperfound the hotspot.

Mar 2013, Not the hottestMother Nature mocks Nova.

Mar 2013, Has the World started cooling?Nope. But Nova flunks Stats 101.

Apr 2013, AR5 Hidey GamesNova still ignores majority of data.

Apr 2013, Antarctica is gaining MassNova’s confused once more.


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