Heatwave? Mother Nature mocks Joanne Nova

Australia had its hottest day earlier this year and it also had its hottest summer ever on record. That seems to have peeved Joanne “it’s not warming” Nova so she has a new metric for measuring global warming temperature.

Instead of measuring the whole country, she focuses on just three cities, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Her recent post claims the record heatwave doesn’t really matter because populated cities didn’t, according to her own set of stats, set new records for the summer months.

Rather than spend hours on why us city folk should care more about the whole country, I think Mother Nature mocked Nova better than anyone.

Just two days after Nova posted her rant, Melbourne, Australia’s 2nd most populous city, commenced its longest heatwave since records began in 1856.

Melbourne experienced NINE days over 30°C, its longest heatwave with the previous record only being 8 days. The record for March was previous only 7 days.

The heatwave ended with a new overnight record of 26.5°C breaking the previous March record of 26.3°C set in 1927.

Aside from Natures rebuttal, I think we should also point out a few problems with Nova-logic:

  • the temps in three cities account for only a tiny fraction of the area of Australia.
  • the three stations she picks are just a few out of more than a hundred.
  • the stations don’t even represent most of the population in the cities.
  • the UHI effect has been studied multiple times and found to be negligble.
  • many heatwaves can occur without necessitating that the entire season be extreme.
  • coral reefs don’t care how hot the temp in city is, the acidiifcation and water temps have more impact.
  • farmers growing crops care more about their temps than that of the cities.
  • city folk that eat the food grown by farmers in rural areas ultimately are affected by rural heatwaves.
  • many species of plants/animals are dependent upon climate change in non-city areas.

Nova seems desperate for news these days. Instead of posting about science she seems content to make up new ways of not measuring global warming.

Finally I must also wonder (although not for long) why Nova didn’t cover the fourth largest city, her own hometown of Perth.

Perth Summer Average


2 Responses to “Heatwave? Mother Nature mocks Joanne Nova”

  1. Nice One Says:

    Thanks again. Nova’s graph for Melbourne would look similar to Perth if you draw a trend line on it. The same goes for most sites with long term data.

  2. Vince Whirlwind Says:

    You’re doing good work over there, Nice One – not sure why you are being tolerated: I’ve found most of my posts end up being SNIPped, deleted, or left in moderation limbo.
    They *really* don’t like to be confronted with the facts.

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