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Statistical Significance – The Simple One

March 15, 2013

Joanne Nova recently branched out of her comfort zone (spreading doubt) to try her hand at statistics claiming that surface temperature data since 2005 shows statistically significant cooling in 4 of 5 datasets.

Her words …

The cooling for the last eight years is statistically significant in 4 of the 5 major air temperature datasets.

Statistically significance is very rarely found on such short timeframes, so how did Nova manage to find it? Simple! She invented her own concept of statistically significance; “The easy one” as she put it.


Heatwave? Mother Nature mocks Joanne Nova

March 13, 2013

Australia had its hottest day earlier this year and it also had its hottest summer ever on record. That seems to have peeved Joanne “it’s not warming” Nova so she has a new metric for measuring global warming temperature.

Instead of measuring the whole country, she focuses on just three cities, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Her recent post claims the record heatwave doesn’t really matter because populated cities didn’t, according to her own set of stats, set new records for the summer months.