Alice – It’s unusual

Joanne Nova tries to reinforce her idea that the 2013 heatwave is nothing special … by listing just one station’s data (huh?) and by not showing 2013 in her graph. Here’s how the graph would appear with the first 17 days of this year included.


Alice Spring Average Max January temps including the first 17 days of this year.

Nothing special – aside from it being the highest average maximum temp (so far). Whilst this picture will change with future data, it’s not possible, from the data, to suggest that the current January heatwave is not unusual. This is not the only problem with Nova’s argument.

Nova’s argument is flawed for several other reasons.

  •  The recent heatwave is exceptional for being so widespread and not just happening in one location like Alice Springs.
  • The average so far for Jan 2013 (including 17th) at the Alice Springs Airport is 42.5°C which is beating the Jan 1887 average maximum of 40.7°C.
  • The Post Office recorded higher temps than the Airport during the overlapping years and would likely be even higher now.
  • The evidence for climate change occurring in Australia does not rest upon the recent heatwave, but in long term records that cover the country.

I don’t know which is more foolish, Nova leaving out the 2013 data and hoping no one notices, or that she thinks by citing one outback weather station it somehow proves the heatwave is not happening across so much of Australia. Sadly I expect Nova’s not really that stupid, but rather she is once again being deceptive. She seemed to have fooled many of her regular readers.

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4 Responses to “Alice – It’s unusual”

  1. Nice One Says:

    It seems “No Jo” reads your blog too. She has since changed her post and now says “wait and see” if the temps for Jan 2013 turn out to be hotter.

    But she still has the line “… the long term data on the red hot centre of Australia shows that this January is not unusual” even though the current data says that it is.

    I understand why William Kininmonth is retired.

  2. PartyPooper Says:

    The mean for January was 39.9C – who is foolish now?

    Click to access IDCJDW8002.201301.pdf

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