2 Million Years Ago

In yet another poor attempt at a strawman argument, Nova claims that “The Climate Deniers are those who pretend the climate has always been the same.”. A very silly statement since you will not find one single climate scientist that believes climate has always remained the same.

We know the climate has changed in the past, and also that major shifts in the ecology follow. From the study of the fossil record we know that during times of great climate change, there are also rapid changes in the ecosystem. Animals that are better suited to the new environment go on to propagate their genes, whilst others, unable to adapt, will perish.

2 million years ago, the Homo species best able to adapt to the changing environment would have a better chance of surviving and producing offspring. Those children would carry their parent’s genes and learnt better survival techniques to cope with the new landscape. Individuals that could not adapt to the changing environment because they did not have the intellectual capacity or knowhow to obtain food simply became extinct.

From the authors

“What we show is a repeated transition from the driest to the wettest on the scale of a few thousand years.” Though not as dramatic as a towering black monolith, these changes may have spurred human evolution by forcing early hominids to adapt to a rapidly changing climate, driving them to develop new strategies to hunt, gather and survive with changes in food and fresh water. “That’s where the connection has been; the development of the brain, food gathering, might have been triggered by the continually changing climate,” Ashley said. These changes also created selection pressures in other species like birds and reptiles.

In today’s world, we have 7 billion people, with many parts already stretched in its ability to feed the population. Rapid climate change (and what we are facing is more rapid than during the period 2 Ma ) will produce droughts and floods that which will cause millions to perish through lack of food, water and shelter.

Is this unforgiving scenario really the picture Nova wanted to paint?

One Response to “2 Million Years Ago”

  1. Nick Says:

    Nova’s vociferous dimwittedness leads her into making such idiotic assertions. As you’ve demonstrated,a moments reflection will indicate where the ‘parallel’ with human society of the past is specious.

    She has no idea how often past rapid climate changes condemned early man to conflict over resources,forced migration,loss of technology and led to dispersal or death of tribes. The result of that history can be trumpeted by idiots like Nova as a forging of character and technological advance,or our evolutionary forge, but it’s simplistic and meaningless thinking.

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