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Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo

November 22, 2012

The intelligent and attractive Dr Jonica Newby presented an entire episode of Catalyst recently. Joanne Nova gets hot and bothered and responds with the usual mixture of myths, cherry picking and misrepresentation of science.

Let us ponder a few of Joanne’s comments…


Nova’s all at sea

November 18, 2012

In another attempt to baffle her readers, Nova attempts to show how sea levels aren’t rising, much, at least in Australia, or well some parts of Australia, and only if you ignore the last 10 years.

Are we really supposed to be relaxed about Global Sea Level Rise, because four locations of Australasia, show “weak deceleration”? Well you can if you’re willing to ignore a few things:

  • Sea level rise is not even; other places are experiencing greater than average rises.
  • Globally, the planet is showing accelerating sea level rise.
  • Greenland wasn’t melting during the past in the way it is today.
  • Sea Level Rise has been at the upper end of forecasts.

What does Global Sea Level Rise look like …


Australia Adjusts – slightly

November 17, 2012

Nova and her friend Ken Stewart claim Australia’s homogenised data is adjusted to increase the warming by 70%!!! Ken’s major mistake is to ignore the difference in temperature when a site is relocated, or when multiple sites are combined into longer record.

Ken Stewart says… “Worst of all is Wangaratta”, let’s look.