Tyrants always want to silence the critics

Recently Joanne Nova wrote about the Freedom of Speech after her site was restored after an alleged attack. I say alleged because it might well have gone down in a fit of incompetence.

What’s most ironic though is that I’ve recently been made aware that all links to my site, https://itsnotnova.wordpress.com are banned from use at Nova’s blog.

That’s right. You are not allowed to insert a link to any of the articles written here. It automatically gets blocked!! So Nova, queen of denial and of freedom of speech blocks anyone wishing to link to any of my topics.

Thanks for the compliment Nova. I must be doing a good job!

I also notice you’re still not willing to engage your critics and answer their questions – when are you going answer people that question your use of CO2Science’s MWP “analysis”? probably about the same time you stop cherry picking OHC data.

4 Responses to “Tyrants always want to silence the critics”

  1. Marco Says:

    “No comments are ever deleted on skeptic blogs!”

    The common complaint when people see comments disappear/not appear on mainstream climate science blogs is in the same class as Nova’s blocking of inconvenient links.

  2. Nick Says:

    Her blog roll list is entirely to nutcase and disinformation sites,whereas some other crackpots seeking to give themselves a veneer of worldliness by faking an air of studious detachment will provide at least a few to the ‘other side’.

  3. Nice One Says:

    You are certainly to be congratulated!!!! You have the only site to be banned (so far). All of my posts on her site go immediately into “awaiting moderation” status.

    So much for freedom of speech.

  4. Karen Says:

    I was *moderated* and now, because I asked for real peer-reviewed science to support her claim that ocean heat content had not been rising, she has banned all of my posts until I *apologise*. Apologise for what? Correct her? She should be thanking me!

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