Global Warming Disproved – Has Nova Flipped?

Sure Joanne Nova has been under a bit of stress lately, with her website coming under “attack”, (presumably from the feds), but one must wonder what mindset her head is in to declare that she has Disproved Global Warming.

She claims …

The single most important fact, dominating everything else, is that the ocean heat content has barely increased since 2003 (and quite possibly decreased) counter to the simulations.

Yet the latest data from the 3,000+ buoys that form the Argo flotilla provide data to the contrary.


So where does Nova get her concept that the Ocean may have slightly cooled since 2003? Well to obtain a cooling result, first you have to discard any data below 700 meters (Argo data goes to 2,000 meters), then you have to ignore recent years, and then you have to tilt your head to one side and close one of your politically-biased eyes.

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2 Responses to “Global Warming Disproved – Has Nova Flipped?”

  1. Nick Says:

    She’s also dug up Sherwood Idso’s nonsense from the 1980s that was debunked then,then reduxed/refluxed unchanged in 1998. I thought that was one set of zombie arguments that finally had been retired,but desperate times for Jo,I guess.

    So she runs Idso,then introduces Miscolscki…which one is it Jo? Coughs up a Feynman quote for dessert….brain explodes.

    Jo,leave Feynman alone; he’d be horrified at your abuse of his legacy.

  2. itsnotnova Says:

    Idso was put to bed a long time, in serious climate work anyway. It is only mentioned on “skeptical” sites nowadays. i covered it a while back …

    Jo “claims” it Idso is still relevant, but can’t actually put together a reason why.

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