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Watts Up With That?

October 31, 2012

The quality of temperature data is often brought into question by Joanne Nova. Earlier this year Nova jumped on the “BLOCKBUSTER” bandwagon after a fellow climate “skeptic” Watts believe he’d found evidence that errors in the thermometer record supposedly exaggerated the warming by a factor of two.

As it turned out Watts’ unpublished paper had a number of problems …


Look Who’s Fraudulent Now!

October 26, 2012

Nova is at pains to try and prove the MWP was warmer than today (perhaps she still doesn’t realise it’s an argument for high sensitivity) and in doing so invokes a number of “science” pieces. Previously we’ve found Co2Science’s  “method” was flawed and, that Huang’s boreholes didn’t contain 20th century data.

This time we examine a third piece of Nova’s “evidence”, Loehle.


6,000 boreholes – Nova’s 100 years too short

October 18, 2012

Simply put, Nova thinks the data in the HP97 graph she uses dates to 2000, when in fact it only goes to 1900; it doesn’t include the last 100 years of warming. And although the original authors have explained this, and Nova is fully aware, she chooses to ignore any science which disagrees with her own agenda and political motives.

That’s no exception in Nova’s look at the Medieval Warm Period, although she takes it ups it a notch. Not only does she incorrectly use Huang & Pollack 97 (HP97), she goes on to ignore very clear statements by the authors which explain why Nova (and others) misinterpret their HP97 results.

Lewandowsky – we’ve more data for you!


psssst … Ignore the Arctic … look over here!!! Antarctic sea ice again!

October 12, 2012

Yet again Nova attempts to distract away from record loss of Artic sea ice, which currently has been at a record low for several months, and instead focus on the Antarctic sea ice which set a record high, if you ignore extent and focus on area, and even then only by a tiny margin and only for a day or two before disappearing back down into the average.

This time around, when researchers, those that studying the Antarctic climate, suggest a possible cause for the slight increase in Antarctic sea ice is related to the wind, Nova jumps up and down furiously. First she claims the research is wrong, that Borenstein is just pretending, then she claims the IPCC and others were wrong because this new theory would contradict them. Which is it Nova?

In Nova’s haste to prove everything wrong, a few clumsy mistakes are made along with one classic (see “Could sea ice increase, and ice shelves melt .” detailed below).


Tyrants always want to silence the critics

October 11, 2012

Recently Joanne Nova wrote about the Freedom of Speech after her site was restored after an alleged attack. I say alleged because it might well have gone down in a fit of incompetence.

What’s most ironic though is that I’ve recently been made aware that all links to my site, are banned from use at Nova’s blog.

That’s right. You are not allowed to insert a link to any of the articles written here. It automatically gets blocked!! So Nova, queen of denial and of freedom of speech blocks anyone wishing to link to any of my topics.

Thanks for the compliment Nova. I must be doing a good job!

I also notice you’re still not willing to engage your critics and answer their questions – when are you going answer people that question your use of CO2Science’s MWP “analysis”? probably about the same time you stop cherry picking OHC data.

Coral Picking

October 5, 2012

This time Nova goes Coral picking, selecting one species of coral and ignoring the rest of the ecosystem.

Insensitive to the recent news that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has lost 50% of its coral (not from global warming but other stresses), Nova would like you to believe that our oceans will be safe from the threat of Ocean Acidification because one species of cold water coral shows signs of Acclimation.


Global Warming Disproved – Has Nova Flipped?

October 3, 2012

Sure Joanne Nova has been under a bit of stress lately, with her website coming under “attack”, (presumably from the feds), but one must wonder what mindset her head is in to declare that she has Disproved Global Warming.

She claims …

The single most important fact, dominating everything else, is that the ocean heat content has barely increased since 2003 (and quite possibly decreased) counter to the simulations.

Yet the latest data from the 3,000+ buoys that form the Argo flotilla provide data to the contrary.


So where does Nova get her concept that the Ocean may have slightly cooled since 2003? Well to obtain a cooling result, first you have to discard any data below 700 meters (Argo data goes to 2,000 meters), then you have to ignore recent years, and then you have to tilt your head to one side and close one of your politically-biased eyes.