Arctic vs Antarctic Ice

Joanne Nova suggests newspapers are being biased by not covering the “almost new record” of Antarctic sea ice and instead seem to be more preoccupied with how the Arctic has lost 50% of its summer sea ice.

In her haste to claim wrongdoing she forgets a number of key facts.

  • The current Antarctic sea ice anomaly is only 60% of the one recorded in 2007, so it’s not a record.
  • Even if the increase continued for this year, and it became a new record, it is not part of a dramatic trend unlike the Arctic situation.
  • The extra 7% of Antarctic sea ice area, does not offset the 50% loss of Artic ice. Globally the trend is downward.
  • The Antarctic ice is thinner; having slightly more thinner ice is no substitute for the loss of thick multi-year Arctic ice.
  • The Antarctic ice cannot be feasibly moved to the northern hemisphere so it’s no help to the polar animals that depend upon the ice.
  • The causes for sea ice increase may well be explained by a number of factors.
  • The Antarctic (not just sea ice) is continuing to lose mass.
  • From a feedback mechanism point of view (less ice means more sun enters the water rather than being reflected) the increase in ice during winter does not have as much impact on the feedback as loos of ice during summer because it occurs at a time when there is less direct sunlight.
  • The small increase in Antarctic sea ice is not sucking methane back in.

The difference in sea ice of the Artic vs Antarctic is explained well on the website. Nova should read more and write less – but that might interfere with her scare campaign.

Perhaps Nova prefers video?

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4 Responses to “Arctic vs Antarctic Ice”

  1. Alex M Says:

    Thankyou for your effort but you seem too late to stop the idiots at Nova’s sight. Take for instance the first poster, Eddy Aruda. He’s claiming that the Arctic and Antarctic balance weach other out. That when one falls the other rises. He seems too stupid to notice that globally the trend is also falling.

    Then the twit suggests that a “freak unseasonal storm” is responsible for the break up. Again he fails to notice that the ice is only breaking up because instead of the multi-year thick ice we used to have, it’s now a thinner crust. He also doesn’t seem to consider what caused the freak unseasonal storm in the first place – now where did we hear warnings about such things occurring more often????

    Then he claims that Antarctica is gaining mass … what a tossa!!

  2. Nick Says:

    AlexM,there is no one at Novas’s ruder than Aruda…cough,thank you.

    Yes ,Nova is an idiot,part of an self-organising chorus of transparent,childish wrongness repeating the north-cancels-south fallacy,and encouraged by the parlous lack of quality journalism on science. A few memes planted by Heartland’s fakesperts, et voila,the opinion writers have got an opinion. The circus rolls on.

  3. Chris W Says:

    Jo Nova; the dumbest hammer in the bag!!

    Have to agree with Alex – thanks for doing the hard yards (and I loved your previous MWP post too).

  4. George Montgomery Says:

    Thanks for your posts on Jo Nova. Her site has a curiously high number of political articles (Andrew Bolt style) for someone who professes “we stick to the science here”. Come to think of it, I should be more offended that she professes to doing “science” at all.

    In common with other skeptic (can’t bring myself to type “sceptic”) sites, Jo Nova has a succession of “what about, what about, …”, “look! over there. it’s a spangled drongo!” articles even if they contradict one another’s claims. Worse still, checking out the primary sources of legitimate research papers featured in her articles is really time consuming, albeit rewarding in that they reveal selective editing and/or quoting from those sources by Nova.

    Well done, again. I enjoy your work.

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