Nova – Akasofu Wave Theory

Nova contradicts herself on many occasions, this time she says the planet IS warming, but that it’s natural thanks to the Akasofu Wave Theory.

Nova says that since 1700 the planet has been warming at a rate of 0.5°C per century. Given that Nova doubts the modern thermometer record, I am surprised to see her have unquestioned faith in reconstructed temperatures. As you can see from this graph of paleoclimate estimates there is a lot of uncertainty about how warm or cold the past was.

Aside from that, the Akasofu Wave Theory has a few problems:

  1. It has no basis in actual physics. The trend labelled “recovery from the little ice age” is just one person drawing a line on a graph without an explanation for what is causing it, how it started, or how it might be continuing today.
  2. Seeing a regular cycle over a period of time says nothing about whether that cycle will continue or not.
  3. Hindcasting any further back than 1880 and the theory breaks down. Again, without knowing what physically causes the supposed “cycle” there is no way to determine when it should start or end.
  4. Moving forward the theory suggests we will continue warming indefinitely.

A more thorough analysis of  the problems are discussed here. Don’t expect Nova to counter argue, she just expects you to swallow her message and has already moved on to her next post to tell us the planet’s not really warming, it’s just the air conditioners.

Update: Further discussion here as well as a paper that directly debunks Akasofu’s wprk.


One Response to “Nova – Akasofu Wave Theory”

  1. Nick Says:

    Akasofu Handwave Theory, more like it.

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