Nova Smuggles a Budgie

Most of Nova’s posts are of a political nature, occasionally “backed” by some debunked science or cherry picked data.

In her latest post Nova says “Abbott came from nowhere”, her fondness of opposition leader Tony Abbott reminded me of this picture.

Just to be clear, this is a fake.

I’m no fan of politics, or of any political party. At the moment I don’t think the world is acting enough to prevent man-made climate change and politics, especially that based upon cherry picked science, seems to be preventing greater action. It’s disappointing.


2 Responses to “Nova Smuggles a Budgie”

  1. Nick Says:

    Abbot has an admirable commitment to exercise and fitness that many other pollies could learn from. After that,it’s rapidly down hill.

  2. Chris W Says:

    So … I’m guessing Nova would be ‘all smuggle, no budgie’

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