Still No Warming Since 2001?

Joanne Nova announced in her 2008 handbook that the world has not warmed since 2001. Let’s check how that’s working out for her.


Of course that’s the danger with cherry picking small pieces of data and ignoring the long term trend.

"Skeptic" vs Realist

Nova’s handbook represents “Nova Science” and she’s determined to convince you that she’s right instead of the scientists that actually look at the full set of data.

Sadly, judging by comments in her blogs there are a few people that do listen to her. For instance, the first comment in her blog is from Mal Davies

Having read this book, it is a must for every person to have one on hand as it guides and collates the fictional radical green myths with positive and factual answers that these fools may or may not understand or choose hide from reality that has turned on their bulldust.

Joanne has done a first class job with this, deserves full credit for her research, a truly great FREE publication to help save the world from these government funded environment vandals and climate change fiction pedlars.

Really Mal? Do you really think selecting a few years of data from the full amount is good scientific practice? I suggest it is you who’s “hiding from reality”. Mal is either not equipped to understand what cherry picking means, or he’s simply clasping onto something that reaffirms his political ideology.

Great case study for a psychology student perhaps!

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One Response to “Still No Warming Since 2001?”

  1. Nick Says:

    Jo Nova.Still clueless since 2001.

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