Australia vs The Planet

Nova once again cherry picks data in order to try and fool her readers into thinking global warming is not a threat. This time she and Steve Woodman pick one year, 2011, and one country, Australia and tries to convince you that global warming isn’t happening.

Their error is to ignore the rest of the planet, and to think one year, especially one dominated by the effects of La Nina conditions, represents global climate.

It doesn’t.

Australia is not The Planet

Seems simple enough, but Nova wants you to believe that because Australia was cooler, the rest of the planet must have been too. Were you sucked in by her poor logic? I dount it, but looking at the comments of some in her blog it seems some people really are stupid. Lets examine what things really look like.

Australia had a relatively cooler year compared to the rest of the planet. The temperature anomaly for 2011 looks likes this (source) …

The global picture was quite different (source) …

Although Australia might have been relatively cool, when you look at the whole planet; global temperatures were still above past temperatures.

Short Term Variability

The second mistake they make was to judge climate by just one year. Short term year to year variation renders a jagged graph, however the long term picture shows the climate is warming (source). With so much short term variability it is utterly ridiculous to judge what the climate is doing from one year.

Is ABC changing?

Articles on climate change, like the ABC’s focus on the long term trend rather than short term, localised events.

Nova/Woodman claim …

Alarmist propaganda outlets such as the ABC were clearly disappointed by 2011 and were forced to resort to decadal temperatures rather than individual years to provide it with its headlines.

… but if you examine the previous 2010 article, the ABC state

The 10 warmest years on record have all occurred since 1998 … AND … Last month, even before the year was over, Mr Jarraud confirmed that 2001 to 2010 set a new record as the warmest decade ever.

Hardly the words of an article citing one day or year as exceptional.

From Cherries to the Pips

Not satisfied with cherry picking one year, Nova/Woodman now wish to highlight and cherry pick one single day this year …

Globally 2012 has started in cool fashion with January 21 being the coldest day in a decade.

It’s bad enough he wishes to pick one day this year and point out it’s colder than any of the past ten, but if you look at his source of their claim then you’ll notice it’s not even surface temperatures but atmospheric temperatures at 14,000 feet!!

Deceptive Once Again

Yet again we find Nova posting deceptive and misleading information rather than debating real climate science or focussing on real efforts to reduce our impact upon this planet and ultimately upon ourselves.

The difference between measuring “one year in Australia” vs “the climate trend for the planet” is quite obvious. That Nova/Woodman’s post is blatently misleading her readers is what I find most pathetic. What’s sadder is that some of Nova’s readers blindly accept their story without once stopping to notice the difference between Australia and the rest of the planet. It’s called GLOBAL CLIMATE change.

Happy Australia Day!


One Response to “Australia vs The Planet”

  1. adelady Says:

    P’raps they haven’t noticed that the USA has changed its advice to gardeners and seed companies. The “hardiness” zones are shifting.

    Though I suppose that’s probably a conspiracy of cartographers not telling us that the USA has wriggled and pushed itself along the planet surface to a new location.

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