Local weather is NOT global climate

According to Joanne Nova, news about local hot weather is NOT allowed.

Sky news reported that Adelaide’s 1st Jan 2012 was the hottest since 1900.

Blackouts and fires have marked South Australia’s first heatwave of the summer with Adelaide sweltering through its hottest New Year for more than a century.

Some denialists wish to pretend the planet is not warming and hate to see any reports of warm temperatures, even though in this case the news report was about the weather not climate. To prove one day in Jan is nothing special they even list a whole lot of other single days that were hotter.

If the news report were about the climate then they might have mentioned the word “climate” even once; they did not.

If the report were about local climate they might have also mentioned that even though the 1st Jan 1900 was hotter than 1st Jan 2012, the monthly mean for each month in 1900 was on average 0.5 cooler than 2011.

If the report were about global climate, they might have mentioned how all temperature records show a long term increase despite great variation in local weather.


If the report were about climate they could have pointed out that there are more hot records being broken each year than new cold records. But the report did not, instead they pointed out it was hot and that there were fires and blackouts.

Nova whines about a weather report and says they’re “cherry picking” data, something she does all too well sinceĀ Nova has yet to update her handbook to include all data showing the warming trend is real.

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