Where’s that warming?

Nova’s needs to cherry pick a new start year. Her handbook says:

Satellites circling the planet twice a day show that the world has not warmed since 2001.

Cherry picking short periods will always show surface temperatures dominated by short term variability caused by natural cycles such as ENSO. Surface temperatures are a 2-dimensional insight into the movement of heat in a 3-dimensional world. As to Nova’s non-scientific cherry picked claim, even that depends on the temperature record observed: Source

The take-home message for studying climate is to look at the longer term trend.

Belief in global warming doesn’t isn’t the result of blind faith, for scientists it comes from evidence that stems from many different disciplines. I thought I’d list a few.

Long term surface temperatures continue upwards despite numerous short term level periods. Source

Temperatures are increasing as independent organisations agree. Source

Land based thermometers and satellites show the warming. Source

Oceans are warming. Source

Sea level is rising. Source

Artic sea ice is in decline. Source

Antarctic Ice Mass decline. Source

Greenland Melt Area. Source

And these are just some that can be easily graphed. Adding to the evidence is the energy imbalance, animal and plant species responding to earlier springs and movement of populations shifting towards the poles and/or to higher elevations, permafrost is warming, glaciers are shrinking at an accelerating rate, the height of the tropopause is increasing, jet streams are moving poleward, the tropical belt is widening and the GHG signature of a warming troposphere and cooling stratosphere. Source & Source

Nova says the world is not warming. Overwhelming scientific evidence from numerous disciplines says the planet is warming.

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