Nova – queen of contradiction on “Climate of Freedom”

Nova claims that “skeptics” are silenced because to discuss the science would expose AGW’s weakness. How amusing then she performs heavy one-sided moderation in order to silence debate in her own forums.

Only days ago Nova wrote:

We don’t ask to silence them. We know if people hear both sides of the story they’ll make up their own minds, and we look forward to that happening.

My how the queen of contradiction so quickly flips.

Posts blocked by Nova


2 Responses to “Nova – queen of contradiction on “Climate of Freedom””

  1. Spatch Says:

    Hahahaa, gotta laugh at moderator ED moaning to Nova like a pathetic whining little brat.

    gotta laugh as well at memoryvault’s idiotic idea on closing this blog down – too funny!

  2. Paul Matters Says:

    Blimey you are a liar. The site is fairly moderated. Tell the truth and it will set you free of your fears. Catastrophe and disaster and other adolescent nightmares made public policy.

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